Chelsea J. Photography

Heart Pond

I vividly remember when I got my very own camera. I was four and it was my birthday. The first gift I opened was a package of batteries; I was confused. Then I opened the second gift- my camera. It was slick, brand new and made the most satisfying “click”. My love of photography grew from that moment.

Both of my parents have a passion for photography that they passed down to me. I have taken classes in photography at Emerson College and New England School of Photography. For years photography was a hobby that grew into a dream of owning my own business. Now I’m blessed to have that dream come true!

With my background in theater, teaching and childcare, I feel I have a natural rapport with people. I find I can understand kids on a level that creates a relaxed environment and brings out the best in your children.  I love to build relationships with those I have the pleasure of photographing; I find it very important to establish a connection with my clients.  My goal is to catch the truest version of you.

When you look back at your pictures years from now, I want you to remember that moment; the sound of your toddler’s laughter, the way your children felt in your arms, the smell of your newborn. The feeling of love personified in a photograph.